Run for your health


Physical exercise can contribute to weight loss, increase in muscle mass, strengthen bones and improve the immune system.

There are countless reasons to end a sedentary life, although it sometimes proves difficult, particularly for people who have never practiced or have not practiced any physical activity for some time.

Reasons to run or walk

The advantage of running or walking is that it can be practiced anywhere and throughout the year, being accessible to anyone. In general, it is possible to talk about several types of benefits:

Gain energy – Like any physical activity, running promotes the release of endorphins, substances linked to the feeling of well-being, helping to reduce stress and the risk of depression.

Increase cardiovascular resistance – Through conditioning the heart and lungs, running promotes the efficiency of blood flow and oxygen, preventing heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems.

Lose weight – It is one of the most suitable activities for those who want to lose weight, since it allows to eliminate more calories than other sports, promoting an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in fat mass.

Strengthen bones – Because it is a loaded exercise, it promotes the deposition of calcium in the bones, strengthening them and preventing problems such as osteoporosis.

Tips for running or walking better

  • Stretch before and after running or walking.
  • Wear clothes with reflectors and comfortable shoes.
  • Rest and recover during part of the exercise to regain your initial breath.
  • Run or walk against the direction of traffic (when it is safe to do so).
  • Run or walk moderately, which can help prevent injury.
  • Try running on less uneven surfaces.
  • Do not use headphones with loud music that make you abstract from your sound surroundings.

The danger of sedentary lifestyle

The absence of physical activity can be the cause of many chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. It is essential to activate the metabolism to help the body eliminate the fats and glucose that circulate in our system.

Age is no excuse

Physical age limitations are often used as an argument for not doing sport.
Osteoarthritis, for example, is characterized by a gradual loss of joint cartilage that causes inflammation and progressive limitation of movement. Although there is no cure, the worst thing you can do is to stand still. Physical activity remains essential to strengthen the muscles that support the joints and to fight excess weight.


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