Clients, Insureds, Insurance Holders, Members or Injured party may submit claims addressed to Mais Vida through the following means:

  • In the place where the insurance was purchased;
  •  By phone:
    (+258) 84 8001 112; (+258) 87 8001 112; (+258) 82 8001 112
  •  By email:
  •  By letter addressed to Mais Vida Moçambique:
    Av. 25 de Setembro n.º 270
    Time Square Building
    Maputo - Mozambique

Requirements for claims submission at Mais Vida

Complaints addressed to Mais Vida must be submitted in writing or by any other means on which the register is durable, clearly indicating the following data:

  1. Full name of the Client and, if applicable, of the person who is present;
  2. Contact details of the Client and, if applicable, of the person representing him;
  3. Member Number;
  4. Description of the facts giving rise to the complaint, with identification of the interveners and the date on which the facts occurred, unless this is manifestly impossible;
  5. Date, place and signature.

Mais Vida reserves the right to refuse admission if:

  1. Essential data are omitted which render management unmanageable or have not been provided or corrected when the latter has been invited to remedy the omission;
  2. If you wish to submit a complaint in relation to the matter that falls within the jurisdiction of arbitral or judicial bodies or where the subject matter of the complaint has already been resolved by those instances;
  3. Reiterate a previous complaint lodged by the same Client in relation to the same matter and which has already been answered, unless it contains new facts;

General Information for Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution entities can resolve consumer disputes out of court and are usually quick, simple and inexpensive for the Customer.

In the event of a dispute, the Client may appeal to the Dispute Resolution Body, CACM - Center of Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation of Mozambique, through the following contacts:

  •  Address:
    Algeria Street No. 245 - 1st Floor
    Maputo - Mozambique
  •  Telephone:
    (+258) 21 498 782; (+258) 82 3201 320; (+258) 84 3201 320
  •  Email:


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