Privacy Policy

In order to use this website, the user is required to provide Mais Vida with certain personal data, which will be referred to below as "Personal Data".

The user's attention is drawn to the fact that, for the correct functioning of certain functionalities of the website if the user does not authorize the inclusion of his personal data in the automated files and their subsequent sending and processing, no consultation, contact or simulation, for may be carried out. The data provided to us may be included in automated files, which will be used for the purposes expressly indicated when collecting them, and are always treated in a confidential way.

The data provided for the execution of insurance contracts will also be treated confidentially under the terms of the legislation in force, and may be transferred to other entities that, according to the purpose and object of the contract. Personal data transmitted, as well as those generated in the event of an accident, may be transferred to public and private bodies related to the subject matter of the contract, for actuarial purposes and for the prevention of fraud, as well as for the settlement of claims.

All Personal Data shall be preserved as long as the contractual relations between it and its holders remain in force and as long as it is legally allowed to be stored for the exercise of their respective rights.

Each of the entities involved in the processing of your data is obliged to comply with the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data, in particular as regards the security and confidentiality of its treatment. The persons responsible for the processing of Personal Data, as well as the persons who in the exercise of their duties, are aware of them, are bound by professional secrecy, in accordance with the law.

Use of Cookies

Mais Vida uses cookies on your website in order to improve the user experience. The use of cookies is a normal practice among Internet websites and through most browsers you can allow, block or delete cookies installed in your equipment, by setting the options, as well as disable the entry into the system, however this action may affect some features of the pages.

The cookie used by More Vida respects the anonymity and will not be used to collect any personal information.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file that is stored on each user's computer by accessing certain Internet pages, such as storing and retrieving information about a user's browsing habits, and depending on the information they contain and the how the equipment is used, can be used for user recognition.

What are cookies for?

Cookies help to parameterize the interest, number of uses and relevance that the website has, allowing a faster and more efficient navigation, eliminating the need for the user to re-enter the information requested by the website.


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