Importance of breathing for quality of life


Conscious breathing increases breathing capacity and improves quality of life in many ways.

Breathing is vitally important for life, but with sedentary lifestyles, increased stress, and heavy emotions, we lose this ability to bring more life to our bodies.

Note that depending on your emotions, the way you breathe changes, which shows that emotional tensions can cause muscle contractions.

Breathing correctly oxygenates the muscles and allows emotions to be more easily managed. 

Good breathing should be conscious, deep long and vigorous. 

It is estimated that most of the population uses only 10% of their respiratory capacity. Breathing correctly consists of using the entire lungs.

Advantages of correct breathing

The use of our maximum respiratory capacity can bring the following advantages:

Improves blood flow

When taking deep breaths, the movement of the diaphragm from top to bottom and bottom to top helps to promote the elimination of toxins by promoting blood circulation.

Improves immunity

When we breathe in, we introduce oxygen into our body, which ensures the functioning of vital organs, including the immune system. By exhaling we remove carbon dioxide and toxins, making our blood cleaner, toxin free, and healthier to fight infections.

Relieves anxiety

Deep breathing has been shown to reduce the rate of rapid heartbeat, alleviating anxious thoughts and nervousness. It allows for greater absorption of oxygen by the brain which helps to reduce the feeling of strong emotions.

Improve posture

Believe it or not, a bad posture is directly related to bad breathing. As soon as we try to breathe deeply our posture tends to straighten automatically due to the movement of the diaphragm.

How to breathe better

  1. Inhale by expanding the abdomen, then spread the ribs apart and finally lift the chest upwards
  2. As you exhale, empty the top of your lungs first. Soon after, bring the ribs together and finally contract the belly.
  3. If you have difficulty at first, you can use low breathing which comprises 60% of the entire lungs. It consists of inhaling to relax the abdomen and exhaling to contract it.



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