Mais Vida offers exclusive line for Coronavirus 86 800 8000


Mais Vida provides a helpline for Mais Vida Saúde members with medical guidance by phone during the coronavirus pandemic.

As a preventive measure, Mais Vida offers its members a line, exclusively for clarification on the new Covid-19. This medical line will be available 24 hours a day, with a team of trained personnel to guarantee guidance to members in case of suspicion of the disease.

When following the recommendation of the Ministry of Health to reduce the rate of growth of contagion, the indication for beneficiaries is not to seek immediate emergency care in case of any symptoms. For this reason, we have made this dedicated line available for members to clarify their doubts about the disease and recommendations for preventive measures and guidelines in case of need to seek medical assistance, preventing transmission from occurring at an even greater speed.

Customer support line for Coronavirus:

86 800 8000


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