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Access health insurance information easily and securely!

Mais Vida developed this application so that, in a simple and fast way, you can easily and safely access health insurance information.

Discover the new Mais Vida App

  • Consult the limits of your health coverage;
  • Access your profile, contacts and management of the awards platform;
  • Consult extracts of benefits and their movements;
  • Search clinics and hospitals, dentistry, optics and doctors of the various specialties;
  • Access to your health insurance policy documents.
  • Compatibility of the mobile desktop application, allowing you to use both platforms to manage yours benefit and monitor your health more closely.
  • Access to the helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide all clinical support.

Because we always want to be with you and anywhere, we invite you to download our Mais Vida app (on Google Play or App Store) and start enjoying all the advantages and benefits.


We offer fast and direct access to a vast private healthcare network at more affordable prices.